Specialist Services

Mini R50/52 5 to 6 Speed Gearbox Conversion

As the first generation R-Series (R50/R52 Cooper/One) cars age, it is becoming increasingly more common for the Midlands and Getrag 5-Speed gearboxes to fail. We have developed a conversion kit using the higher specification 6-Speed Getrag gearboxes taken from the R53 Cooper S model.

The Kit includes a 6-Speed Gearbox, shifter box with cables, starter motor, driveshafts, flywheel, clutch and all necessary mounts and bolts to complete the conversion giving you better gear ratios when on the motorway, better fuel economy and the added reliability of the 6-Speed Getrag which has a very low failure rates even when running with a lot more power in the Cooper S.

We can offer the kit supplied and fitted or on a supply only basis with pick up either from our Unit or we can ship on a pallet throughout the UK mainland.

R53 Eaton M45 Supercharger Servicing

We offer a full removal, inspection and oil service for the Eaton M45 Supercharger found on R52/R53 first generation Mini Cooper S and JCW models.
Mini doesn't have a recommended service interval for the M45 superchargers but we have seen chargers with as little as 70k miles running dry and causing irreversible damage to the PTO gears on the water pump side. If you don't have a receipt for a supercharger service, we strongly advise booking in for one as soon as possible.
During the service, we remove both ends of the supercharger housing to inspect the gears for wear caused by potential oil starvation/degradation as well as examining the bearings for slop/play.
Once we are happy with the condition of the supercharger, the oil is replaced with an oil exceeding all OEM specifications and the charger is re-fitted to the car using new gaskets and BMW Green seal. Our recommendation for supercharger service is every 50k miles. It is also worth considering replacing the waterpump at the same time as the supercharger service.

We can also install a performance supercharger pulley whilst doing the service, please ask for details.

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