Independent Specialist BMW Mini Servicing in the North West of England

First Generation Mini R50/R52/R53

Oil Service - £85 One/Cooper/Cooper S
Vehicle Inspection I - £150 One/Cooper/Cooper S
Vehicle Inspection II - £210 One/Cooper/Cooper S
Brake Fluid Change - £55 One/Cooper/Cooper S
Coolant Flush/Change - £60 One/Cooper/Cooper S
Supercharger Service - £285 R53 Cooper S/JCW/GP

Second Generation Mini R55/R56/R57/R58/R59/R60/R61

Oil Service - POA
Vehicle Inspection I POA
Vehicle Inspection II - POA
Brake Fluid Change - £55
Coolant Flush/Change - £60

If you have just purchased any model of R series Mini we can offer a full inspection service so as you have a good idea as to the vehicles overall condition and are aware of any items requiring attention.
Inspection Service - £50 all R series Mini models

Note: All above prices are for guidance only and are correct as of January 2021, please confirm current prices when booking in.